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Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) this morning announced that it has acquired global mobile payments business Zaypay, a startup based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. MIG says it will continue to operate Zaypay as a standalone business, but declined to disclose financial terms of the agreement, other than to reveal that it was an all-cash deal.

Zaypay enables third-party developers to process international micropayments through SMS, phone calls, in-app and other alternative payment methods. ZayPay was founded by Dutch entrepreneur Adriaan Mol (27) in 2006 and is currently operational in 44 countries.




Launch Date:
January 6, 2007


Zaypay offers gaming companies a unique portfolio of billing methods
including: premium sms, premium rate numbers and content

Using Zaypay avoids the complexity of dealing with different
mobile operators, technologies, and transaction management
methods. Merchants receive extensive financial and technical
data on their platform, leaving the hassle of processing,
checking and collecting to Zaypay.

With our innovative payment gateway, merchants can bill
customers worldwide directly on their mobile or fixed line



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Mobile Interactive Group


Mobile Interactive Group (MIG) is an integrated mobile and digital communications business. Comprising a unique combination of businesses, MIG specialist disciplines include mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile billing, mobile messaging, mobile technology and services provision, multi channel digital solutions, mobile internet publishing, experiential design and application development.

There are five companies within MIG, see products, and each has its own areas of expertise


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