Free Automated Working Proxy List Imports

As simple as clicking the import button, fresh, working, proxies will automatically be imported into the program. Proxies are not needed, but they are fully supported for power users who want them

Custom User Agent

This changes what web browser and operating system Tweet Adder is emulating. (The default value should be fine for most users)

Only run automated tasks between…

This feature lets you keep Tweet Adder running all of the time, and set it to only run automated tasks during certain hours.

Update Following/Followers list

This is the interval range in which your following and followers lists are retrieved from twitter.  You can also do this manually on the “Following” or “Followers” pages. (The default value should be fine for most users)


Proxies are recommended only for advanced users.  An internet proxy may be needed with certain types of internet connections.  Proxies can also be used to add anonymity and make it appear that you are accessing Twitter from a different location.  Using proxies almost always will make Tweet Adder run slower, and be less reliable.  (Most users should not use proxies)

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